In January 2018, digital studio Studio71 was integrated into Red Arrow Entertainment Group – the ProSiebenSat.1 production and distribution network. This created Red Arrow Studios, which now has direct access to a new talent pool and additional digital channels. Chairman & CEO Jan David Frouman discusses the rationale for the integration and the future of the business.

Why did ProSiebenSat.1 integrate Studio71 into the Red Arrow production and distribution network?

Frouman This is a match made in heaven. The digital business of Studio71 is the perfect complement to the traditional Red Arrow TV production business. The partnership couldn’t feel more natural to us. Digitalization has changed the TV market. In order to meet the needs of today’s viewers, stations and video platforms require a variety of program formats. As a production and distribution company, we aim to tailor our strategy so that we can profit from these new growth areas. Thanks to Studio71, we can now make stations, platforms, and markets integrated, 360-degree offers that encompass everything from creation, through the production of digital and linear content as well as user and premium content, to branded content and new distribution options. What’s more, Studio71 boasts a huge talent pool, which we can now more effectively harness: we’re talking about 1,300 influencers who come up with new ideas every day.

What added value does a global production network provide for ProSiebenSat.1?

Frouman Around the world, demand for TV content is higher than it’s ever been. Which means that TV production and distribution have significant future prospects. However, in order to take full advantage of this growth market, you need a certain critical mass. That’s why we have gone on broadening our scope ever since Red Arrow was established in 2010. We now have more than 20 production companies active in seven countries. This extensive network, along with the program formats that are continually being created from within the group, also benefits our ProSiebenSat.1 stations. Red Arrow works closely with the Entertainment segment, and in recent years has become an important content provider to our Group.

What criteria do you apply when selecting companies for investment?

Frouman We have consciously put together a portfolio of production companies that complement each other in terms of content. Our proven formula is: the company must be active in an interesting region – preferably English-speaking – and, of course, be led by high-caliber producers and creative minds with an impressive track record and an excellent network in the TV business. Cultural fit is also extremely important to us. We need partners who are truly ready to join a group, who look forward to engaging in creative cross-pollination, and will bring the right team spirit. In short, a company in the content business is only as good as the people who work there. They are the ones we want to win over for Red Arrow.

What goals have you set for Red Arrow?

Frouman Our top priority is integrating Studio71 into our network in such a way that we can tap into the full range of potential synergies. We want to establish Red Arrow as one of the leading providers of talent, production and distribution services for digital and TV content. It’s also vital for our production business that we retain the rights to our programs in order to be able to distribute them internationally. Consequently, we will automatically improve our standing as a program supplier to ProSiebenSat.1 and strengthen synergies with the Entertainment segment. Whilst we intend to keep on growing, the team spirit at Red Arrow is also important to me. After all, this is what convinces top international creative talent to join Red Arrow and to stay with us long term.

Rick Ringbakk and Craig Armstrong, Co-founders and Co-CEOs 10Fold (Photo)

Rick Ringbakk and Craig Armstrong Co-founders and Co-CEOs 10Fold

» Joining Red Arrow Studios has been a godsend for us. Jan and his team have encouraged us to continue creating the type of content we are known for both here in the USA and internationally. They’ve also inspired us to create and find new ways to work and thrive in this ever-changing landscape called Entertainment. We feel that we’re part of something big and that the sky is the limit thanks for the support and passion of Red Arrow Studios. «

Nolan Gallagher, CEO Gravitas Ventures (Photo)

Nolan Gallagher CEO Gravitas Ventures

» At Gravitas, we and our many filmmakers are excited to help grow Red Arrow Studios. Collaborating with Red Arrow allows global audiences increased access to the latest world renowned films and documentaries. Red Arrow companies are known for compelling content and at Gravitas we look forward in continuing that mission for the benefit of movie lovers everywhere. «

Reza Izad, CEO Studio71 (Photo)

Reza Izad CEO Studio71

» Jan and his team have been a part of our journey with ProSiebenSat.1 from the start. Formalizing this structure is a natural evolution of the relationship. From Primetime scripted series to premium digital short form, Red Arrow Studios now has a complete suite of companies to service the needs of all content buyers on a global basis. It is really exciting to be a part of a company with all these capabilities and we are looking forward to being part of the team that puts together that next great cultural moment in video. «

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