ProSiebenSat.1 Group is consistently pursuing a digital entertainment strategy. With this, the Group diversifies its offerings and exploits its program content on various platforms. Therefore, the Group is extending linear television to digital devices and is offering program content on different devices. The Group is thereby generating additional revenues while also responding to viewers’ different media usage interests. (Fig. 069)

069 / Utilization of Program Content

Utilization of Program Content (Graphic)

1 Excerpt of all ProSiebenSat.1 offerings2 = subscription-; TVoD = transactional-video-on-demand.

The websites managed by the ProSiebenSat.1 advertising sales company SevenOne Media reached around 38 million based on the published data from December 2017 (previous year: around 34 million unique users). These include the ProSiebenSat.1 station websites and the weather platform, among others. This information is based on data from .

In addition, the Group offers its advertising customers new marketing environments via mobile applications. In October 2017, ProSiebenSat.1 launched a joint entertainment streaming offering with Discovery Networks Deutschland. As part of the joint venture, the 7TV app was expanded with the Discovery stations DMAX and TLC. Looking to the future, the two companies are aiming to establish a broad OTT platform that is also open to additional content and partners. The 7TV app, which is advertising financed and thus free of charge for users, has so far generated more than 6.3 million downloads on smartphones and tablets. ProSiebenSat.1 also offers single own apps for its German free TV stations. They can be used to watch TV programs on smartphones and tablets at any time. Since their launch, these apps have reported nearly 5.5 million downloads on smartphones and tablets. The Year of Partnerships

A further essential component of ProSiebenSat.1’s portfolio is the global digital studio Studio71. It is primarily funded by advertising and is continuously increasing its video views. In 2017, Studio71 achieved around 89 billion video views with its around 1,300 web channels (previous year: 60 billion video views) and had over 900 million subscribers. Thus, Studio71 is one of the largest multichannel networks () in the world. The Year of Partnerships

In addition to these advertising-financed online platforms, the Group also operates the VoD portal maxdome. The online video library generates revenues via pay-per-view and subscriptions and is available via Smart TV and PCs as well as mobile devices. In 2017, maxdome reached more than 1 million SVoD users (+3.3%) and ranked among the top 3 providers in Germany. With over 50,000 titles, maxdome offers one of the most extensive ranges of VoD content in Germany.

In addition, we are extending our successful station brands onto social networks in order to increase the availability and name recognition of our TV content via all channels and to reinforce viewers’ loyalty to our programs. On social media, ProSiebenSat.1 Group is the media company with the widest reach in Germany. At the end of financial year 2017, ProSiebenSat.1’s most important Facebook pages had around 19 million fans (previous year: 17 million). The most popular were Galileo and Circus HalliGalli. The largest growth in fans was enjoyed by Knallerfrauen, which grew by 277,000 new fans to around 1 million fans. ProSieben’s Twitter account reached over 2 million followers at the end of 2017 (previous year: 1.8 million). This underscores ProSieben’s top position in social media communication.

Subscription video-on-demand (SVoD)
Subscription video-on-demand describes a subscription model for customers of video-on-demand platforms such as maxdome. A fixed price is charged for a defined offering that can be accessed without restriction. It belongs to the overriding pay-video-on-demand (Pay-VoD) category, which also includes other payment models, such as transactional video-on-demand (TVoD) or pay-per-view (PPV).
Video-on-demand (VoD)
Allows the user to stream or download videos at any time.
Unique User
The unit “unique user” expresses how many people in a given period were exposed to an advertising medium or individual booking units and equates to net reach. The unique user is the basis for the calculation of the reach and audience structure of online advertising media and the regulation of essential factors for media planning such as weekly consumption, monthly consumption or building exposure.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (AGOF)
Affiliation of leading online marketers in Germany. By providing standardized online coverage currency and comprehensive data on online media consumption, AGOF makes traditional and mobile internet a transparent and plannable advertising medium.
Multi-channel network (MCN)
A company that enters partnerships with online platforms and offers support in areas such as product, programming, financing, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sale and establishing an audience. As a kind of record label, the multi-channel networks manage online video makers.